Riding in the desert

Cactus encounter

Welcome to the wonderful sport of desert bike riding. Big open vistas, loose sand, blazing sun, gila monsters and jumping Cholla cactus are just the beginning to this adventurous sport. The moonscape terrain of the Mojave Desert around Joshua Tree transforms any bike ride into an unworldly experience with surprises around any corner.

Being (overly) prepared is the key to having a fun, memorable and safe ride. The desert's dry air literally drains the moisture out of your body, so always bring more water and food than you think. A pair a tweezers and a wide-toothed comb to pull out spiny hitch-hikers are staples to any desert rider's pack.


Building Trails the Right Way - JTBS Mission

trail crewThe landscape surrounding Joshua Tree is diverse, unique and fragile. Protecting the environment and managing recreational activity is tricky business, so Joshua Tree Bike Shop has partnered with the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) to help with the effort. IMBA is a non-profit education association committed to the principle that successful trail projects stem from partnerships built by well-informed land managers, responsible recreation groups, and community-minded businesses in public lands. The dialog has already begun to generate and secure land access that is environmentally sustainable, safe and provides the experience mountain bikers require.