Hahn Buena Vista Trail

Start Elevation
700 FT

Max Elevation
2597 FT
2,079 FT
14.3 MILES

(stats for option 1)


When "Buena Vista" is part of the trail's name you know your in for a good day of riding. The Hahn Buena Vista Trail rolls along Murray Hill outside of Cathedral City. As the trail name indicates the views are stunning as you look across a 360 degree vista of Palm Springs and the nearby San Jacinto Mountains and Canyons. The single track is smooth, flowy and remote - a good workout with high rewards. Welcome to some of the best in desert mountain biking!

Palm Springs mountain biking


There are mulitple options to ride this trail and further connect with other nearby trails. If you are an advanced rider and really feeling feisty check out the entire Palm Canyon Epic Trail.

Here are a couple option...

1) From Cathedral City Cove the route starts with a grind up Dunn Road. Break off the road to the right to the Hahn Buena Vista Trail and follow to the highpoint, around 2600ft, and ride down into a valley. Some of the best single track you'll experience in the area, fast and fun. After a few miles of fun rolling cross country terrain you end in a wash. This is the bottom of Hahn's. Connect with Vandervertner Trail and back up to Dunn.

2) After the 2 miles of Dunn you can break off to the right on a clearly visible single track and ride down into a valley (Vandervetner trail). You then break left at the Hans Buenna Vista/Vandervetner sign and climb a couple miles to the Hans Peak. Then drop down east half a mile onto Dunn Road picnic bench area. 

Know Before You Go

Many trails around the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains are open to all forms of non-motorized vehical use. Share the trail. Mountain bikers are not allowed on designated wilderness areas, in the Indian Canyons, on certain trails near Murray Hill, or on any part of the Pacific Crest Trail.

For trail open to mountain bikers check out the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains Trails Plan


Hahn  Buena Vista Trail Map