Sector 6 keeps getting better


At the edge of Joshua Tree National Park is a small chunk of public land that locals have known of for years. Once known for primitive camping and dark pullouts 'Sector 6' now offers a little bit of everything for the desert savvy rider. It's not a place you'll see anyone else, but nonetheless you'll appreciate the amount of work that's gone into this place as you ride clean singletrack through the sand. 

A collection of riders is emerging in Joshua Tree as people come together to buff out horse trails and reclaim dirt tracks. There 's no doubt a trail network will emerge at the edge of the park.

On this early winter day, local shop owner Jima Reed, rides the lap he knows so well. It's intricate singletrack and rock weaving amongst yuccas and joshua trees. The terrain is grand and truly park-like. This is not fast lap, there's just too much to see.